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Tuto Tutoriales .com

Website with free tutorials

The website seen in a Mac computer

About the project

  • Creation date: 2011
  • Technologies: PHP + HTML + Javascript (including AJAX)
  • Remastering date: 2013
  • Technologies (remastered version): PHP + HTML + jQuery

Website that I created to offer tutorials in Spanish in an attempt to recreate the success of It was developed from scratch twice: first in 2011, and then again when I created a brand-new version in 2013.

Most of the tutorials were just links to other websites, but I also wrote some of my own, with topics ranging from Arduino to web development – and even Photoshop.

At some point, it got obsolete and started to need fixes and more content, but I didn't have time to work on it. Besides, even though it attracted some visitors, it was never as successful as I would have liked, so eventually I decided to shut it down.