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Website with free tutorials

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About the project

  • Creation date: 2006
  • Technologies: PHP + HTML

Old website – created in 2006 abandoned since 2009 – that I wrote at the age of 16 after learning PHP on my own. It was a webpage in Spanish that would offer links to free tutorials classified into different categories, such as programming, graphic design, and more.

It definitely wasn't the prettiest (I was really bad at design back then!), but thanks to a careful SEO, it received plenty of visitors and generated a pretty decent revenue. In fact, it hit a mark of more than 15,000 real visitors in one single day several times, and by 2009 there were more than 17,000 registered users, 15,000 of which were actually validated via confirmation email.

Unfortunately, at some point Google changed the search algorithm, rendering the SEO of this site obsolete and causing the visitor count to plummet overnight.