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Android app to find optimal bus routes

Featured image for the application

About the project

  • Creation date: 2014
  • Technologies: Android (Java) + Sqlite + Google Maps API

In 2014, taking advantage of the new Open Data portal offered by the town of Cáceres (Spain), I created an app to show the open pharmacies. And right after publishing it, I was told that a new dataset with real-time information about buses, their routes and their locations would be offered by this portal, so I started working on an app to make use of the data.

The app would include information about buses, their schedules, their routes, their stops, and their current location. In the app, amongst other things, users would be able to mark routes and stops as favourites, customise their home screen, and calculate the best possible route to get to a destination at any given time.

Unfortunately, even though I finished the app, the dataset was never actually released because of issues with the new bus company, so I never got the chance to finally publish it.