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Running Late

Endless runner mobile game

Featured image for the game

About the project

  • Creation date: 2020
  • Technologies: Flutter + Flame

This is an infinite runner that I started to develop from scratch just for fun.

The idea was that your character would be a man who is running late for work (hence the game's name), and that all you could do as a player is to tap on the screen in order to jump and avoid obstacles:

Screenshot of the unfinished game

I also thought of other dynamics, such as getting coffees for a boost, being able to switch the direction of gravity (so you could avoid obstacles that cannot be jumped over by running on the ceiling), or adding elements like skateboards that would move you if you stepped on them.

I did like the idea, but creating the artwork was definitely a struggle. For example, I wanted to have copies of Gregg's, Starbucks, and other famous shops in the background to better resemble what an average office worker in the UK would find on their way to work, but my design skills were not up to the task. Plus, I never felt that the game was original or fun enough, so eventually I just stopped working on it and added it to the big pile of abandoned projects that every developer like me has.