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Portadas Para Mi Twitter .com

Website with covers images for Twitter

The website seen in a Mac computer

About the project

  • Creation date: 2012
  • Technologies: PHP + HTML + jQuery

In 2012, Twitter revamped their website with a new design, and one of the main changes they added was the functionality to allow users to set up a cover image on their profile page.

Trying to capitalise on this, I created a website that would offer all types of images and pictures to use as a cover image on Twitter, each one already resized to have the right resolution and fit perfectly.

I didn't really put that much effort on it, and it never took off, so I eventually shut it down.

How did it look?

Unfortunately, this one was never archived properly, which means that it has been lost to time. To be completely honest, I barely remember creating it, so I cannot even describe its appearance! All I remember is that it was basically a paged feed of images.

If I ever find the files on an old computer, I will come back and update this page with some screenshots.