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Keepie Uppie

Casual game for the Telegram app

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  • Creation date: 2016
  • Technologies: HTML + Javascript + PHP to communicate with the Telegram API

When I first saw that Telegram had created an API for games, I immediately wanted to try it out. To do so, I developed this mini-game using HTML5. Then, to communicate with the Telegram API, I wrote some simple PHP code.

The game is responsive, so it adapts to both landscape and portrait screen modes, and its rules are very simple: you just have to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible by tapping on it before it falls:

Animated GIF that shows the game in action

As the GIF above shows, each kick counts as a point, and if the ball ever reaches the floor, then the game is over and you have to start again. Thanks to the integration with the Telegram API, you can compete with your friends and see the ranking of the best scores.

Unfortunately, the bot doesn't work anymore because I no longer have the server on which it used to be hosted. Plus, I haven't seen a game in Telegram in years, so there is a chance that this isn't even a thing anymore.