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Informer Universitario .es

Website for unversity students to share and read anonymous messages publicly

The website seen in a Mac computer

About the project

  • Creation date: 2013
  • Technologies: PHP + HTML + jQuery

In 2013, there was a trend in Spain of university "informers". These informers were Facebook pages (each university would have one) where university students could go to publish and read messages anonymously.

Since this became such a phenomenon, I decided to create a website to centralise the whole thing. The website had an interactive map of Spain, so you could tap on your province, then tap on your uni, and then read and send anonymous messages on that specific board.

This never took off properly (to be fair, I never promoted it anywhere), but there were a few universities whose boards became quite active. Unfortunately, as anyone could have predicted, the initial cute messages rapidly turned into awful abuse, so I eventually shut the site down, as I couldn't be bothered trying to moderate it.

How did it look?

Unfortunately, this one was never archived properly, which means that it has been lost to time.

I recall the site displaying an interactive map of Spain, which I thought was kinda cool. Also, this was the first time I applied the principles of responsive web design, which was still a fairly novel concept by this point.

If I ever find the files on an old computer, I will come back and update this page with some screenshots.