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Website about cosmetic surgery and more

The website seen in a Mac computer

About the project

  • Creation date: 2011
  • Technologies: PHP + HTML + jQuery

After watching a small news story about the increase in cosmetic and plastic surgeries, I thought that it would be a good idea to create a website that would offer as much information as possible about this topic in order to grow my network of websites and increment my total revenue.

In all honesty though, my initial idea was not to create a website, but to create a business that would organise trips to get surgery in countries where surgeries are cheaper, as I thought that more and more people would want that in the future – in the end, my prediction turned out to be right. In any case, I ended up just creating a website and nothing else, as one would expect.

This website, which I developed from scratch using PHP, HTML and JavaScript, used to offer a catalogue of clinics classified by type and location, as well as articles about different kinds of treatments, advice about beauty and health, and even a “questions & answers” section. I really went all in.

Unfortunately, this project was way too ambitious for me, not only because of the huge amount of content and programming that it required, but also because I didn't really know much about the subject. To no one surprise, it never really took off properly, so I eventually decided to shut it down.