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Classic Cliché Games

Mobile game composed of mini-games

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About the project

  • Creation date: 2022
  • Technologies: Flutter + Go Router + Provider + Flame

This is an unfinished game that I started with the goal of competing in the game jam Game Off 2022, whose topic was "clichés".

What I came up with was a game of mini-games, each one inspired by a cliché. For example, the first one I implemented was designed around the concept "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

The idea was to tap into the nostalgia factor by creating a fake hand-held console very similar to the ones that were somewhat popular during the eighties. The console I put together only had two buttons and a screen with exactly 13x9 cells, which severely limited what kind of games and mechanics I would be able to implement. However, I think that this made the game design aspect of it all much more challenging and fun.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to complete the game in time (I only had time to implement one mini-game and a half), so the project stands unfinished. But I still like this idea, and I remain fond of the tiny game engine I created on top of Flame to power these mini-games, so I might go back to this project at some point. I have some ideas for new silly mini-games, such as a snake game where there is another snake competing with yours for the same resources, or a shooting game where you can only shoot by changing direction.