Website that used to offer information and services for webmasters

Back in 2007, I created this website to help other webmasters to find the resources and services necessary to create, promote and monetise webpages. I developed it from scratch using PHP, and it was mostly a classified collection of links and explanations.

Story time: even though this site was never as successful as the other ones that I had already created and monetised at the time, it made me won 250 dollars in just one day because of someone who decided to register in Adsense through my link. Funny thing is, had this person managed to make more than 100 dollars in their first month, I would have been given a bonus of 5000 dollars (I cannot find information about this crazy AdSense deal of 2008 to confirm this, but that’s the amount I remember). Unfortunately, as much as I had my hopes up for a whole month, it never happened.

In any case, old stories aside, I eventually shut it down when the profits didn’t compensate the server costs anymore.

Project details