Website that used to offer information about cosmetic and plastic clinics and surgeries, beauty advice and more
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After watching a small news story about the increase of cosmetic and plastic surgeries, I thought it would be a good idea to create a website that would offer as much information as possible about this topic in order to grow my network of websites and increment my total revenue.

This website, which I developed from scratch using PHP, HTML and JavaScript, used to offer a catalogue of clinics classified by type and location, as well as articles about different kinds of treatments, advice about beauty and health, and even a “questions & answers” section.

As a project, it was way too ambitious for me, not only because of the huge amount of content that it required, but also because I didn’t really know much about the subject. As it never really took off properly, I kinda abandoned it for a while until I eventually decided to shut it down.

Project details