Ghost Rigger (Game Prototype)

Prototype for a cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game

Ghost Rigger - Game Prototype

For the Flutter Hackathon 2020, I participated in the development of a cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game, along with Richard Kinsella (design) and Iain Smith (development). The game is set in a distant future where an evil corporation is trying to take over the world – you are a hacker trying to stop them.

Although we only had a weekend, we managed to implement the concept entirely, including music, sound effects, a few playable puzzles, and a story that the player gets to discover through different screens.

Out of 250 projects, ours was voted as the 10th best one, so it didn’t go too bad. It was definitely a crazy weekend with a lot of coffee and plenty of work, but it was also a ton of fun!

Project details

TECHNOLOGIES: Flutter + Flame